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PLASA 2012 Innovation Award for Robe's Robin DLF

Robe Robin DLF
Robe Robin DLF
On the heels of the PLASA 2012 launch of the ROBIN DLS Profile, MMX WashBeam, 800 LEDWash, Actors 3, 6 and 12, and the ROBIN 100 LED Beam DL and SW versions, Robe lighting showcases its latest moving light and LED technologies on Booth 723 at the LDI 2012 exhibition in Las Vegas Convention Centre. Also, several major LED products are introduced to the American market, the Robin DLX and the PLASA 2012 Innovation Award-winning Robin DLF (photo left) which had been introduced at Prolight+Sound show 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany . All the new fixtures are based on the ‘smaller, brighter, lighter’ and more environmentally sustainable design concept at the core of Robe’s product development strategy.
Designed to maximise the available space and height with its clean contemporary lines, Booth 723 at LDI also integrates the latest innovations from sister-brand and architectural LED specialist, Anolis. The stand is designed to provide an efficient reception, gathering and meeting hub at the front where people can register their interest in products and sign up for demonstrations before flowing through the back to experience the dynamic ‘Light Lab’ area.
The latest DL range product from Robe uses the high power RGBW LED module and features a smooth, fast framing shutter system. Each of the four shutter blades can be individually controlled, positioned and angled and the whole module can be rotated.
The high power RGBW LED module creates dynamic colours plus proper pure whites at pre-selected colour temperatures of 2700, 3200, 4200, 5600 and 8000 Kelvin. Tungsten emulation means the fixture can be seamlessly integrated into lighting schemes also using traditional luminaires.
To complement and widen the comprehensive Robin range is Robe’s DLF fresnel wash fixture. This is aimed at concerts, theatre, TV and all professional markets needing very versatile fresnel style lighting. It’s unique zoom starts at 5.5 degrees and goes out to 60 degrees with no distortion, and a diffusion filter extends the zoom range yet further to 75 degrees making it ideal for covering cycs and other large surfaces. It has a fully-controllable four-blade beam shaping module that emulates a barn door. This is rotatable and indexable to plus or minus 90 degrees, and the shaped beam has a soft edge. Due to the very fast blade movement, it can also simulate aerial effects.
The Robin DLX Spot is the world’s first RGBW LED Spot moving head. Smooth and seamless colour mixing is achieved by using the RGBW LED system; and there is also a virtual colour wheel and a series of pre-programmed ‘real’ whites at 2700, 3200, 5600 and 8000 degrees Kelvin. The DLX’s output in colours is as strong as the 575 / 700 series ‘conventional’ discharge source units while the average power consumption is 250 Watts.
The fixture has all the standard moving head spot/profile features to be expected including rotating gobos, iris, 10 - 45° zoom, 3-facet rotating prism, variable frost, dimming and strobing of the LED lightsource, and more. Its suitable for theatres and TV studios as well as many other live and installed applications.
Utilising technologies developed for the popular Robin MMX Spot, the new MMX WashBeam offers multiple features in one fixture. The Philips Platinum 35 lightsource combined with the MMX optical system provides an output exceeding most traditional 1200W products. The internal automated ‘Barn Door’ assembly offers individual control of each blade to control the light edge, and the complete assembly rotates through 180 degrees. A six-way rotating gobo wheel is specifically designed for creating powerful mid-air effects and looks.
Using a different lens, the WashBeam can be switched from a soft edged wash light – extendable out to 60 degrees - to a tight collimated 2.5 degree beam effects machine.
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