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Alcons Audio to show LR7 pro-ribbon line arrays and R-Ray design-study

Alcons Audio will be present at the PLASA 2008 show with a number of new products and developments. Though this year’s stand is still under the headquarters’ name, the stand L29 is actually hosted by recently founded Alcons Audio UK.
Most important product news is the presentation of the final version of the latest and smallest member of Alcons’ successful pro-ribbon line-arrays, the LR7. The “micro pro-ribbon line-array” features a single 6.5” woofer next to a 4” pro-ribbon driver in a 15-degree vertical projection configuration. The 16 ohms impedance and a choice of 90-degree or 120-degree horizontal projection, makes the LR7 ideal for A/V projects requiring very compact form factor with perfect line-array throw and imaging.
The Digital Drive Processor (DDP) exchangeable processing device of the ALC amplified loudspeaker controllers, is the important part of Alcons’ “system synergy” philosophy. The latest firmware V1.5 will be on demo, with new features and extended functionality such as adjustable subwoofer characters, cardioid subwoofer presets, array compensations, and more.
The very successful LR14 ultra-compact line-array system now offers a 120-degree version, as well as a 90-degree version. The currently shipping LR14/90 features the Alcons RBN401 pro-ribbon driver with a 90 x 15 degree projection and double 6.5” woofers. With a total weight of only 15kg/33lb, the LR14/90 has one of the best “throw-to-size/weight” ratios in the industry.
Main eye catcher on the stand will be the “R-Ray” design study. Becoming an annual “stand feature”, Alcons shares a glimpse of R&D projects by displaying assembled prototype products of which part developments may be applied in future products. R-Ray shows the study on achieving maximum projection control through a modular point-source cluster, utilizing (pro-ribbon) line-source technology.
Alcons RBN401 driver
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