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Optocore launches Yamaha SANE enhancement at ibc

At ibc show 2011 Optocore launched an important digital console enhancement, the versatile new Y3R-TP which is a module designed for Yamaha mini-YGDAI slots. The Y3R-TP is designed to interface on Optocore’s SANE network.
Fully compatible with all Yamaha pro devices it features 16 input/16 output audio channels through these mini-YGDAI slots, with word clock to/from the slot, to/from the network, and word clock transport to any device in the network.
The two SANE ports enable connection of multiple Y3R cards to the stand-alone SANE network or as a Cat5-based extension to a 2Gbit Optocore ring. There is also a LAN slot, since all Optocore devices create a 100Mbit LAN network, and a 10/100Mbit Ethernet virtual switch to any Ethernet-enabled Optocore device. Also incorporated is a USB/RS232/Remote port for direct transport of the Yamaha HA Remote protocol via Optocore.
Finally, the card offers Yamaha Emulation Mode, making it possible to control Optocore preamps from four different consoles.
Optocore also showcases several other console enhancements at ibc.
Along with the whole Optocore range, the Y3R-TP is showcased at 131st AES in New York, booth 667.
Optocore Y3R-TP
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