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Optocore's SANE CAT5 media streaming system offers full synchronicity

In a break from its traditional base, Optocore, the worldwide pioneer of digital optical fibre network systems, unveiled its new Synchronous Audio Network plus Ethernet (SANE) at the IBC Show in Amsterdam, and at PLASA 2009 in London. Also showcased at 127th AES in New York, the new technology not only introduces a new digital audio networking protocol but brings significant cost savings to customers.
Using ring network topology SANE claims to offer the first fully-synchronous CAT5 network solution for streaming uninterrupted media in real time. The new system is based on the sophisticated and well-proven Optocore technology, it has evolved from the German company’s flexible AD/DA X6R and V3R converters launched earlier in 2009. These offer split AES-EBU ports, sample rate conversion up to 192kHz, and five different card options. SANE transports recognised open standards such as AES/EBU, MADI and Ethernet in full size.
This provides huge flexibility for customers and other manufacturers since it offers a choice between X6R-FX / V3R-FX fibre versions, containing both Optocore ports (for fibre), SANE ports (CAT5 / RJ45) and X6R-TP / V3R-TP (CAT5 twisted pair alternatives).
SANE offers synchronous and redundant transport of audio and Ethernet, 64 channels of digital audio with 24 nodes per network, low latency of 41.6µs and very low jitter Word Clock distribution, and 100m distance from point to point.
Says Optocore founder and system inventor, Marc Brunke, “By separating the audio from the control, SANE overcomes the asynchronous transport problems faced by Ethernet-based networks.” The fact that both the Optocore and SANE network protocols are synchronously locked to either an internal or external Word Clock source is highly significant. This Word Clock is distributed throughout the network and is available as an output at all nodes with jitter below 50ps. By using bandwidth to tunnel Ethernet from an audio network signal, media streaming integrity is guaranteed without interference from other media streams or control data.
While small networks can be built extremely efficiently, the seamless integration of the new system with Optocore’s fibre products will enable large networks to likewise be constructed with virtually unlimited nodes and channel counts.
Says Optocore International Sales Manager Mike Case, “The overwhelming feedback we have received from a close community of audio professionals in both the Broadcast and Integration sectors is that guaranteed media streaming integrity is a solution they have long been looking for.”
In line with the company’s ‘green’ philosophy Optocore has also reduced power consumption of its devices.
rear view of Optocore SANE interface unit
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