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Void Acoustics launches three new products at PLASA 2008

Void Acoustics, designer and manufacturer of professional audio systems for the installed and live sound markets, will be unveiling three products - two bass loudspeakers and a range of amplifiers - aAt PLASA 2008, London, stand C23. The whole Void team will be on the stand to introduce the Arcline X, a new 2 x 15" bass unit for Void's Arcline line-array touring system, as well as the diminutive 2 x 12" Mycro X, together with Void's new range of UK-built, switch-mode Infinite X power amplifiers.
Measuring a mere 680mm x 335mm x 440mm, the tiny Mycro X bass system features two 12" drivers in the same cabinet volume normally occupied by a single driver, increasing the sub's power handling to some 1400W and generating a SPL up to 130dB. Aimed at generating powerful low-frequency support in space-restricted clubs and multi-purpose venues, the Mycro X is also designed for under-seat mounting within typical club furniture.
Representing a new and more powerful bass option in Void's Arcline line-array touring system, the Arcline X features a 2 x 15" folded-horn and ported design, and handles up to 1400W. Delivering a broad-range low-frequency performance from its compact enclosure, the Arcline X is conceived as a smaller brother to Void's 2 x 18" Stasys X sub, which was introduced at PLASA 2007. The complete Arcline system will be on show at PLASA, including the Arcline 6 enclosure. With its construction utilising a curved baffle, to give its multiple transducers a common virtual feed-point, the Arcline 6 array creates a consistent, cylindrical wavefront.
The third Void Acoustics product set to debut at PLASA is the company's Infinite X range of two-channel power amplifiers, which are being built in Void's new dedicated manufacturing facility in the UK. Featuring high-efficiency switch-mode power supplies, and a new output-stage design, the three-model range comprises the Infinite X4 (2 x 600W into 4 Ohms), the X5 (2 x 800W into 4 Ohms) and the X6 (2 x 1200W into 4 Ohms). All models will deliver increased power output into a 2 Ohm load.
Void Ininite X power amplifier
Also showcased at PLASA 08 will be Void's Waveform System - combining sculptural aesthetics with technical innovation - Void's Air Series currently includes the company's signature design, Also on show, the radical-looking triple-horn Air Motion system with its 12", 8" and 1.5" transducers, each loaded by a separate isometric conical horn. The Air Motion will be complemented at PLASA by the latest version of Void's Paraflex 640 low-frequency system, which is designed to work in pairs for large-system coverage of the entire low-frequency spectrum. The Stasys series comprises the Stasys 3 V2 mid-high enclosure and the Stasys 4 foldback monitor, which is also designed for FOH deployment in smaller venues. These units are complemented by the Stasys 8 horn-loaded sub, and the Stasys X wide-band horn-loaded sub.
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