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Alcons Audio UK hosts a seminar on pro-ribbon technology at PLASA08

As part of the PLASA08 Seminar Sessions, Alcons Audio UK will host a seminar on “pro-ribbon technology” at the show. “HiFi quality sound system response” and “high-SPL sound reinforcement” have always been looked at as a contradiction, seemingly impossible to merge. When looking at the requirements of modern day media, current conventional compression-driver mid/high frequency transducer technology might be close to reaching its limits. Dutch manufacturer Alcons Audio is implementing proprietary pro-ribbon transducer technology in its sound systems, ranging from point-source and line-source to line-array systems.
The presentation's main focus will be on explaning in a popular-scientific way the current status of pro-ribbon mid/high frequency transducer technology. Covering aspects such as history, durability, reliability,and the implementation of the technology in real-world high SPL applications, the seminar will go for about one hour.
The seminar takes place on Tuesday September 9, from 11.00am until noon and will be presented by Steve Badham and Tom Back of Alcons Audio.
Waterfall diagram of a ribbon driver
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