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beyerdynamic presents wireless system with CobraNet connectivity

Introduced at PLASA 2008, London, beyerdynamic also presents its wireless system with CobraNet connector for digital transmission 125th AES convention, San Francisco, booth 838. The new NE 900 D Cobra 2-channel-receiver for the Opus 900 wireless system provides an integrated CobraNet interface to connect the receiver to all CobraNet-capable devices of more than 40 manufacturers. The transmission is via CAT.5 cables via standard Ethernet.
The CobraNet connector results in many significant advantages for the beyerdynamic wireless system, especially for large-capacity systems or complex buildings with many rooms. The cabling is considerably reduced, as with the CobraNet technology up to 32 channels can be transmitted into each direction with a single 100-Mbit network cable. In addition to saving of time the connection is easily comprehensible. Furthermore, maximum flexibility is achieved, as signals can be sent from any node. Therefore, settings can be quickly changed via software without changing the cabling. The receiver can be placed anywhere in the room, analogue inputs are saved and therefore costs for the subsequent audio matrix systems. The digital transmission via CobraNet is less interference-prone as the analogue transmission, ensuring a high sound quality even with long distances. The network control of all CobraNet devices of different manufacturers is compatible making the system extensible as you like.
The NE 900 D features an integrated digital 2-channel audio interface, it delivers professional audio quality via standard Ethernet, provides transmission of a word length of 20 or 24 bits, and it supports latency periods of 1 1/3 ms, 2 2/3 ms and 5 1/3 ms.
The Opus 900 system offers a range of interchangeable microphone capsules, enabling a full range of uses, handling theatre, broadcast, large installations or live concerts.
beyerdynamic Opus NE 900 D CobraNet
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