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DPA launches d:facto vocal microphone at Prolight + Sound 2012 in Frankfurt

DPA d:facto vocal microphoneAt Prolight + Sound 2012 in Frankfurt, DPA Microphones launched the d:facto vocal microphone which incorporates DPA's years of expertise and resources. DPA identified what its users love about the reference standard cardioid 4011 and tailored those qualities to a handheld design. Bridging the gap between live performance and studio recording, the d:facto is designed to deliver natural sound, high separation and extreme SPL handling.
Equally at home in sound reinforcement and recording applications, d:facto features high gain before feedback, while the inbuilt 3-step pop protection grid removes unwanted noise. Built to last, d:facto boasts high isolation from handling noise and the ability to accommodate extreme sound levels. Offering flexibility, the microphone head can be used on the DPA wired handle and can also be unscrewed for mounting onto a wireless handle made by Wisycom, manufacturer of innovative wireless systems.
“For many years the market has been requesting that the high sound quality of DPA’s legendary 4011 mic be available for live performance,” says DPA’s CEO Christian Poulsen. “As a result of the innovative partnership with Wisycom, we have developed the d:facto vocal mic to fulfill those requests. The option of wired and wireless modes, combined with DPA’s proven technology, has resulted in a stylish vocal mic encapsulating flexibility and unsurpassed sound quality: key elements of equipment of the future.”
Ahead of its official launch in Frankfurt, d:facto has been put through its paces on several TV shows for six months, among them Voice of Denmark, a standard format TV show broadcast in several countries. “The sound team has been extremely impressed with the d:facto mic,” says Voice’s sound engineer Mads Kærså. “It sounded open at all frequencies, there were no feedback or pop issues and we did not have to worry about handling noise. Finally, a manufacturer has managed to make a handheld microphone that inspires the same feeling a musician gets from a handbuilt instrument. It makes the singer feel more confident and perform better.”
Like its counterparts, d:facto offers consistent audio performance at all spls, high gain before feedback and stable construction.
DPA also introduced advancements in several of its existing ranges, including the new d:fine headset microphones now available in several versions covering all headset microphone applications, and the 4099 live instrument microphone series which has been upgraded for more flexibility and ease of use.
DPA also introduced its d:facto vocal microphone at PLASA 2012, London.
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