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G-Lec Tube and high speed data transfer

Introduced at Plasa show in London, G-LEC took its fibre optic based data transfer technology to LDI in Las Vegas. 100 times faster than copper wire cabling, this new technology, plus upgraded software, has been integrated into the company’s PhantomFrame system, the new system being called G-LEC Phantom II.
The technology gives such fine control over the graphics that images are rendered pixel-by-pixel, enabling curves to appear as true curves, instead of being pixellated. For most occasions such accuracy is not necessary, but it is vital for many corporate identities.
The high speed data transfer technology also opens up the way to build much larger systems and special constructions: a fixed architectural installation of say 700 sq m is not out of the question.
The Tube by G-LecFollowing its launch earlier in 2006 at prolight+sound in Frankfurt, the Tube from G-LEC was also showcased at Plasa in London and at LDI, Las Vegas. Using the same principles as the company’s transparent LED frame systems without the frame, the Tube is the the first walk-through LED system.
Each individual transparent tube hangs free, similar to a slash or beaded curtain. With the ability to create a host of different 3D shapes, such as circles, cubes and even a deep ‘forest’ of LEDs, plus the facility to use differing lengths of tube, the Tube brings enormous potential to lighting and set designers.
The G-LEC Tube can be constructed in different lengths, from 20cm up to 6m, in 20cm increments with no limit on the width of the system. Such flexibility enables the Tube to be adapted to any shape or configuration, enabling large scale LED graphics with video capacity to be displayed on many different surfaces, including interior and exterior building features. Powerful control software provides the capability of graphics on up to four planes, from any DMX512, MIDI or SMPTE source as well as standard video input.
Quick to assemble, the G-LEC Tube is suitable for touring and one-off productions, such as award ceremonies and concerts, and because it is so lightweight, can be hung or flown without requiring reinforcement. At installations visitors can walk through a maze of LEDs to become part of the matrix.
The RGB pixels on the G-LEC Tube are set at 50mm pitch, and the pcb connection is short enough that individual tubes can be curved to radius of 75cm, so a single tube can be curved round a set or object.
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