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Czech Republic-based trussing manufacturer Milos launches MR5 roof

Launched in February 2008, the MR5 is Milos' largest roof system to date and builds on their successful MR3 Roofs. It utilises Milos’ M950 QuickTruss in combination with six of their MT3 towers, and is perfect for large indoor and outdoor events needing a serious amount of space, headroom and weight-loading. The MR5’s maximum dimensions are 27.8 metres wide by 17.8 metres deep, which offers 13.5 metres of headroom. The maximum loading on this version of the MR5 is15 tonnes.
Milos’ M950 trussing is the largest system in the current trussing range and is designed to make long spans and for flying heavy loads. It utilises 60 x 5 mm main tubes with 32 x 3mm bracing spars, and is available in Quatro and compact Folding versions as well as a variety of standard lengths between 1 and 3 metres. Milos ‘QuickTruss’ technology has been developed to expel the myth that big is slow” and M950 is fitted together quickly, simply and safely using conical connectors and tapered pins with strong R-Clips.
The only tool needed to assemble the system is a mallet – no spanners, screws or bolts, which massively speeds up the process. Using the M950 Folding Truss to create part of frame also saves storage space.
The MT3 Tower is also designed for large events and applications requiring maximum loading capacities and free-span characteristics. It uses columns made from M520 trussing which can be built up to 15 metres high. A specially reinforced sleeve block and double roll header section is used in combination with the M950 trussing to build the MR5 Roof system. It can be ballasted by water tanks, anchors and ropes, concrete blocks as specified and sourced by client.
The MR5 is supplied with roof canopy, a full set of safety wires and Milos’ ‘helper’ tool for the towers. Side skins or nets are optional.
Milos is holding a hands-on MR5 workshop at the end of March for clients and other interested parties
MR5 roof with MT3 towers by Milos
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