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Actua puts Ribbonlift into motion

Ribbonlift's operations were acquired by Imagility Inc. in May 2006 sending the the company in a new direction. Developing new features and products, first results are showing at LDI with three DMX controllable lifts mated with Lightning Strikes lights: a Model 3 (inverted), a Model 4, and a Model 6.
Shortly before LDI Ribbonlift announced that the company is now Actua Systems Inc. Actua (coming from the word "actuate," which means "to put into motion") captures that mission: To provide the most innovative positioning tools available through our proprietary technology. The Ribbonlift products will continue to be a central focus of Actua Systems' business, but the company will also introduce other technologies to help you position lights, cameras, antennas, tools, screens, projectors, cargo, and even people.
Ribbonlift’s proprietary technology utilizes three steel ribbons that “zip” together to form a column. The unique design gives Ribbonlift’s products the maximum extension possible from an extremely compact form factor. While conventional telescoping lifts generally extend to a maximum of five or six times their base, Ribbonlift products can extend an astounding thirty times their base height. The result is a lift that offers unprecedented portability and versatility for a wide range of positioning applications.
Historically, Ribbonlift’s products have been used to position lights, projectors, communication devices and other equipment for concerts and other live events, construction, industrial, and military applications. Its clients have included Walt Disney Imagineering, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of Defense. Teamed with Lightning Strikes, whose high-intensity lighting systems have been staples of film and television sets for nearly twenty years, Ribbonlift is continuing to create cutting edge positioning technology.
Ribbonlift model 12
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