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Zero 88 announces shipping of The Jester and latest Frog software

Introduced at Plasa 2005, the 10th version software package for Zero 88's popular Frog console range will be showing at LDI 2005, booth 1013. Since its launch in 2000 the Frog console found home in an impressive range of venues including live performance gigs, churches, theatres, schools art centres and nightclubs. Testament to the quality and versatility of the product the latest version of software brings a number of new and additional features to the range. Parameter Level Programming, Tracking and Move on Dark add to the moving light functionality, significantly increasing the capability and power of the Frog console range.
Also introduced at Plasa 2005 was Version 2 software for the Frog 2 which was launched in March 2005. This software adds a host of new features to the latest of the Frog consoles, including an on board keyboard, USB storage information, additional UDF and UDK functions as well as an improved user interface to aid general programming.
Jester console by Zero 88
It is with no surprise to Zero 88 that their latest lighting console The Jester is proving to be a popular product within the industry. Significant stocking orders have been received from customers across the globe, all desperate to get their hands on the first units that rolled off the production line in August 2005.
The Jester is available in 3 versions (12/24 channel desktop, 12/24 19" rackmount and 24/48 channel desktop) and offers direct control of up to 48 channels of DMX either using submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack. Auxiliary buttons are provided which can be used to trigger DMX devices such as scrollers, smoke machines or strobes.
Another attractive feature of the Jester is the way it uses technology to its advantage. Data storage and software upgrades are via USB, which means that users can quickly and easily store shows and upload future software upgrades as they are released. A monitor port is standard enabling channel, cuestack and submaster data to be viewed on one screen. An on board LCD screen also provides the user with all the information needed to operate the console allowing use without a monitor if preferred.
The Jester is designed for ease of use and appeals to a wide spectrum of users from those learning lighting to professional users who are looking for an affordable back-up console.
Graham Eales, Brand Manager for Zero 88, said, "We are extremely pleased that The Jester has been in such great demand and it only emphasises Zero 88's commitment to its customers, by continuing to provide a high specification, quality product with value for money in mind."
The Jester provides users with a low cost and highly flexible console. It comes with a 3 year warranty as Zero 88 also offer a dedicated online support forum to help answer technical and general programming questions.
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