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Litec's Libera 105 at Plasa 2005

At Plasa 2005 Litec will be exhibiting several new products for both trussing and rigging applications. Libera 105 is the latest product in Litec's roofing, grid and truss system line and will be officially unveiled at Plasa. This truss is suitable for many applications which have already been appreciated by many professionals at events and festivals in summer 2005 including Live 8, MTV Music Island and an Oreal group presentation.
The latest Litec products in the Ground Support Tower line will also be on show, including the fully Aluminium Varitower 2, the acknowledged Unitower with accessories, and the new square twist-resistant truss QL76 allowing heights and loading capacities beyond imagination.
The new Pre rig truss will be officially presented. It can take both par bars and moving-head spotlights with the aid of a few accessories. At the Litec booth visitors will also be able to put their hands on the brand new Eye Couplers. These Aluminium hooks, available in 3 different series, with loading capacities of up to 500 kg have been developed together with the Manfrotto Group.
Libera at the Oreal awards, London July 2005
An unusual use of Libera 105 as a grid with suspended catwalk was built for the Oreal Awards, held in London in July 2005. A platform for technical inspections was created over the 36-metre-grid of FL105 trusses.
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