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Robe expands its Robin range and the DigitalSpot series

Czech Republic based moving light manufacturer Robe lighting launched six new products at the 2013 Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, topping the list is The Pointe which is - along with four other innovations - from Robe’s Robin range. Also new is the latest in Robe’s DigitalSpot series, the DigitalSpot 7100DT. Alle new products are also showcased at PLASA 2013 exhibition, London.
Robe Robin PointeThe Robin Pointe (photo right) is a hugely dynamic beam, spot and wash fixture from Robe. It's a small, super-bright and very fast ‘signature' unit with an intense and sharp parallel beam whose further features make it a highly versatile lightsource. These include a 5–20 degrees zoom with full focus control, variable frost, two separate prism effects, a rotating and a static gobo wheel and inbuilt colour wheel. The lightsource is a 280W Osram discharge lamp. Special characteristics include high speed and a list of additional creative features like the zoom, linear and circular rotating prisms, rotating and static gobo wheels and more.
A custom developed homogeniser works with the rotating gobos to spread the light evenly and achieve optimum projection quality. A variable frost effect instantly transforms the output into that of an efficient wash light.
The Pointe is a robustly built, reliable fixture weighing just 15. 2 kg.
The Robin MiniMe is an effects lighting luminaire with the addition of full video output. This small, neat, fast moving fixture is LED driven with 20,000 hour lifetime source. Colours, Gobos and beam shapes are all digitally generated by the on-board micro media server. Custom artwork, still photographs and video can also be simply uploaded for projection, whilst live video can be streamed through the HDMI input. The MiniMe is aiming at bar, club and retail lighting applications.
Robin MMX Blade presents a bright 1200-series equivalent lightsource utilising Robe's MMX optical technology, complete with a framing shutter system of four fast ‘blades’ which can be individually positioned and angled plus or minus 45 degrees, with the whole Blade module capable of plus / minus 90 degree rotation. This allows precise shaping and fine-spotting of specific areas on a stage, set or performer, a crucial feature for all types of theatre and television productions.
The Blade system can also produce fast, funky aerial effects by being programmed into quick-movement chases and sequences. An animation wheel enables the projection of dramatic fire, water, flame and other theatrical / environmental effects. It has further innovative Robin technology features like hot-spot control, rotating gobos, CMY colour mixing, variable CTO, iris, rotating prism and more.
Robe Robin Cyclone The innovative Robin Cyclone (photo right) effects moving head product has an integrated fan in the centre of the head surrounded by a ring of 24 high powered RGBW multichip LEDs. There is a zoom of 8 to 63 degrees on the LEDs. The strong central airflow can be combined with fog and haze to assist with creating atmospheric effects. The vari-speed fan can be independently DMX controlled starting from very low RPM. Each LED is individually controlled and can be pixel mapped for the creation of eye-catching colour, rainbow, strobe and other effects.
The Robin CycFX is a one metre linear strip that can be tilted 270 degree featuring an array of high powered RGBW LEDs for smooth colour mixing, with a zoom option that opens the spread out from 8 to a whopping 53 degrees. The fast, motorized tilt movement allows the creation of ‘wave’ effects along a line of fixtures. Individual control of each LED makes the fixture map-able, and enables multiple CycFXs to be built in to a variety of matrix designs.
The unit is supplied with many inbuilt pixel effects and pre-programmed sequences. Pre-selected Colour Macros also help to make it an exceptionally quick and easy unit to set up and integrate into a lightshow. Integrated tungsten whites are set at 2700 and 3200K and the CycFX comes complete with Robe’s popular tungsten emulation, including theatrical grade dimming and red-shift effect. Wireless control is an optional accessory.
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