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Clay Paky takes scanners to the next level

Clay Paky Mini ScanOver the last twenty years Clay Paky has brought this class of products to its maximum technological expression, with huge commercial success, and defining a veritable reference standard in show lighting. With Golden Scan 4 and Mini Scan HP3, Clay Paky presents two new products that, benefiting from the precious experience of tradition, are enriched with new and important creative functions.
Golden Scan 4 is the evolution of the legendary Golden Scan 3, the scanner that has received 18 Awards from the worldwide show-business industry. At the effects level, Golden Scan 4 additionally offers a fixed and interchangeable gobo wheel.
The totally renewed electronics is provided with several interesting practical functions that its predecessor did not have: Preset macros on iris and dimmer, digital display of the control menu, digital hour meter indicating lamp and projector life, reset.
The other features remain unchanged: powerful HMI 1200W discharge lamp, standard 11 lens (optional 9 lens and optional wide-angle lens), 8-color wheel with color temperature correction filters, 4 interchangeable rotating gobos, with dual rotation indexable at adjustable speed, a 4-facet prism, frost, iris, dimmer 0-100%, stop/strobe.
Golden Scan 4 has a new look and 4 side handles for easy transport, installation and handling on sets. It integrates perfectly into professional lighting systems. All these innovative features make Golden Scan 4 a universal scanner with extraordinary light output and projection clarity, ideal for all professional and entertainment settings.
The Mini Scan HP3 inherits the features of the Mini Scan HPE, which is known by Lighting Designers throughout the world for its great power and lighting quality contained in a compact size.
Moreover the Mini Scan HP3 has linear electronic focusing, that allows images to be focused at varying projection distances, and a highly precise mechanical iris. The effects section includes an indexable, interchangeable dual rotation gobo wheel, a color wheel and a special effects wheel which can be combined together, a 3-sided prism, 2 frost levels and a stop/strobe/dimmer.
The Mini Scan HP3 is a very suitable projector to be used in TV studios, theatres, concert halls, any other environment with professional and architectural lighting and for entertainment.
Clay Paky Golden Scan 4
09/2004 Pro-Light-News
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