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Vari-Lite was part of historical inauguration

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The inauguration of newly elected Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich was a monumental occasion in the state's history. As such, celebrations surrounding the gubernatorial swearing in were planned to reflect the magnitude of the historical event. Lighting designer Benji Tschudin of Atmosphere Lighting was called on to light the festivities.
When Governor Ehrlich was sworn in as Maryland's first Republican governor since Spiro Agnew left office to become Vice President following the 1968 elections, Tschudin's lighting rig consisted of eight Vari*Lite VL2000 Spot luminaires. Tschudin hung the VL2000 Spot fixtures off the upstage truss of the 40-foot by 48-foot Baltimore Convention Center stage. Cary Levitt of Frederick, Md-based Parlights Inc. provided the automated lighting for the event, and programmer Andy Horodowicz controlled the lighting cues.
In addition to Ehrlich addressing his supporters and other dignitaries in attendance, three different bands performed during the festivities. The lighting system proved flexible enough to create the perfect atmosphere for both the speeches as well as the entertainment.
"The VL2000 Spots were used mostly for eye-candy during the musical performances," Tschudin said. "I used them for rear-projection coming off the upstage truss because their focusing capability is better than any other luminaire."
The stage area included a good deal of truss and video projectors, which were used to project images across much of the main room in addition to the main stage. Tschudin bathed the entrances onto the stage in Maryland's state colors : red, yellow (amber), white and black. "I didn't charge extra for the black," he joked.
Gobos on the VL2000 Spot luminaires allowed Tschudin to paint the flat sets and bring out the depth of the flat scenery. "The stock gobos on the Vari*Lite fixtures are far superior to the stock gobos that come with any other fixtures," Tschudin said.
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