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Martin RainMAC guards fixtures against unpredictable weather

Because rainwater can leak into the base of a lighting fixture and damage electrical circuitry causing all types of problems, Martin has developed the new RainMAC, a simple and effective way to ensure that the show goes on by keeping rain off your MAC fixture.
The RainMAC was designed with input from rental companies who are often in a situation where full protection domes are impractical to install, yet where rain is likely during the course of an event. Its development is an example of Martin's policy of supporting users by bringing customer initiated solutions to the marketplace for the benefit of all.
A vital tool in the struggle against the unpredictability of the weather, the robust and UV resistant RainMAC is ideal for outdoor events. Easy to install, the molded compound plastic guard fits all MAC moving head fixtures from the MAC 250 Series to the MAC 2000 Series.
Easily placed over the base of the fixture, the RainMAC has 12 slots for all Omega Bracket positions and attachment points for the safety wire. Plastic covers close the unused slots, deflecting moisture, rain or the occasional airborne beverage. The RainMAC is easy to install, flexible and tough. They stack together for simple storage and transport, and are easy to wipe clean.
Martin Professional's RainMAC protects lighting gear against unpredictable weather
07/2005 Pro-Light-News
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