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Low noise Coemar iSpot for TV studios

At Plasa 2005 Coemar unveiled a new version of the smart moving head projector iSpot S. Flicker-free and self-stabilising, iSpot S is appropriate for a range of applications, but its improved low noise attitude makes it suitable for TV studios. Offering 12 rotating gobos and a powerful luminous output, the iSpot S provides hi-tech and functionality.
Further features include articulated movement (pan 530 tilt 270), 16 bit beam positioning, dmx 512 standard plus bidirectional (with DR 1) communication protocol, full range dimming, synchronised or random strobe effect, zap strobe effect full electronic, black-out, CMY color mixing system, 5 fixed colours plus white on colour wheel, rainbow/multi-colour/slide effects, synchronised black-out and colour change, proportional CTO. Gobos are easily interchangeable on two wheels of 6 gobos each plus open. Add 2 rotating optical glass prisms, frost effect, full proportional iris, motorised focusing objective with high definition optics, zoom 7 to 26.
The iSpot's LED display shows dmx address, lamp life (approx. 750 hours) test, signal presence and all functions emulated by DR 1 remote control. Software can be upgraded.
Another new product at Plasa 2005 is Coemar's iWash Halo. Featuring 538 pan, 252 tilt beam movement, 16 bit, the iWash Halo is equipped with a 750W 55V (750W, 20000lm, 3200K, 200h) halogen lamp. The lumnair has a full CMY colour mixing system, 6 colours plus white on colour wheel, proportional CTB filter, full range dimming, synchronised or random strobe effect, blackout. Zoom ranges from 12 to 51. A rotating filter provides beam shaping and an additional fresnel lens for a higher concentration of the beam. The iWash Halo also features an interface with LED display for dmx 512 standard and bidirectional protocol. All functions are emulated by DR 1 remote control.
Low noise iSpot by Coemar
Coemar iWash Halo
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