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Clay Paky shows Alpha Range

Clay Paky Alpha 1200 SpotRecently exhibited at Plasa 2005 in London, Clay Paky shows its latest products in the Alpha range at LDI 2005. The range's flagship Alpha Spot HPE 1200 sports the combination of a top performance optical unit and a 1200 W discharge lamp. Featuring a large, newly designed effects section, color mixing CMY and linear zoom 10°- 40°, Alpha Spot HPE 1200 is the most silent of the range. The effects section offers three gobo wheels, an animation disc, two rotating prisms, and three frost filters. Two rotating gobo wheels have 6 bi-directional, indexable and easily interchangeable glass and dichroic gobos, selectable "Gobo shake" function, and a morphing effect. The third wheel offers eight fixed and easily interchangeable gobos, variable rotation and selectable "Gobo shake" function. Using a fast clamping system to quickly switch with other discs, the animation disc may be used alone or in combination with gobos.
Alpha Spot 700 is a 700 W effects projector offering linear zoom 15° - 40°, color mixing CMY, graphic system with 14 gobo plus animation disc, and linear CTO. Alpha Spot 700 is highly suitable for tours, live environments and for architectural lighting.
The Alpha Wash TH is a washlight based on Clay Paky's experience with the Alpha Wash 575W, compared to which it offers two extra valuable features: the "Top Hat" for perfect control of the light beam and an indexable ovalizer. Features include the color mixing CMY, color wheel, linear CTO. Very bright, with a zoom of 4° - 50°, lightweight, silent and practical, Alpha Wash TH is suitable for all professional and entertainment environments. Like the Spot 1200 and 700, the Wash TH offers dimmer and stop/strobe effect.
The CP Color 400 SH (Separate Head) is a reliable and silent 400 Watt CMY color changer, with the power supply unit to be used separated from or clamped on the lighting body which can be placed up 300 metres (984 feet) from the power supply unit.
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