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'Grid-type LED Curtain' G-LEC for stage applications

'Grid-type LED Curtain' G-LECOriginally launched at PLASA 2004, London the G-LEC LightFrame had its American launch by G-LEC Europe at LDI, Las Vegas. The LightFrame is an affordable transparent LED graphics display system, making LED display technology attainable for smaller budget productions, too.
G-LEC stands for 'Grid-type LED Curtain'. The pixels are spaced apart by 2.4 inch and the resulting spaces are transparent, not only to light, but also sound, wind and weather. The transparency allows actors and objects behind the display to be visible when lit, and also allows back-lighting of performers through the display. The LightFrame system can be used to hide orchestras and bands, provide brilliant and dynamic graphics, or even conceal unsightly speaker stacks.
With the same transparency and lightweight qualities of the original ClassicFrame, the LightFrame is suitable for stage performances. Being DMX512 controlled makes LED transparent display technology attainable for smaller budget productions and suitable for use with many show control systems.
The LightFrame's RGB pixels sit in clear tubes, effectively providing a unique 3D display environment. The LightFrame can be seamlessly integrated into any lighting design and can also display DMX capable graphics. Each frame can be set to display 16, four or one separately controlled square, each requiring three or four DMX512 channels. The LightFrame is also RDM ready which will make patching of large and very large systems all the more manageable.
The square frames, each measuring 3.15ft x 3.15ft, can be easily assembled and reassembled in any format, its sturdy aluminum frame allows for the rigors of touring. It can be mounted or hung from practically any surface, indoors or out. The LightFrame can quickly be assembled and taken down by one technician and one or two helpers with no need for a lift or crane.
G-LEC has also incorporated a removable electronics box and the tubes can be removed from the frame, allowing them to be fixed in any way that suits the performance.
Unlike the G-LEC ClassicFrame, which is available on a hire basis only, the LightFrame can be purchased. Lars Wolf, Managing Director of G-LEC Europe, explained: "We've already registered a great deal of interest from architectural as well as stage designers, especially for large and very large displays."
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