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ETC SmartFade - a small console solution for many applications

Launched by ETC at Plasa 2004, SmartFade is a compact lighting console which has inherited all the family traits of quality and reliability and put them in a budget-priced package. Aiming at first time users, educational establishments and amateur groups, SmartFade nevertheless also offers all the control performance required by lighting professionals.
Designed to give users at all abilities the wherewithal to programme a lighting show, SmartFade has three operating modes: Two Preset, Normal and DMX Backup.
For first-time users, the simple two-preset mode provides a small, easy to operate 12 or 24 channel, two-preset console with a manual or timed cross fade section, bump buttons with master and a grand master.
Normal mode is designed for more experienced users, providing 48 or 96 channels with 288 or 576 memories and 48 sequences. The DMX512 input facility enables SmartFade to be used as a replacement for ETC's Reflection backup console, providing seamless and sophisticated backup for any DMX512 lighting console and ensuring that the show does indeed go on. In this mode, the unit provides 23 or 47 backup looks of 512 channels each, with backups recorded as dimmer snapshots.
Using advanced elastomer technology, the buttons have been developed by ETC specifically for SmartFade. Rugged, tactile, and back lit with LEDs, they are colour coded to indicate current function and completely dimmable, so the button brightness can be set to suit the surroundings, whether operators are working in bright sunlight or a fully darkened room.
SmartFade is available in two specifications: the smaller 12/48 channel version is 46x25x6cm, weighs just 3kg and is available with a 19" Rack Mount Kit, while the 24/96 channel model is 23cm wider and only 1.5kg heavier.
Control interfaces include MIDI or USB to a pc. MIDI and USB software will be continually developed and updates will be available for download. A standard, off the shelf power supply ensures that SmartFade can be used anywhere in the world.
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