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grandMA software 5.0 for download

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The latest grandMA console software 5.0 is available for download from the MA Lighting website. Other download offers include the update for grandMA offline, grandMA onPC, grandMA 3D and grandMA remote.

Added functions and features

Parameter Expansion

The grandMA console now supports the control for up to 16384 parameters, each with 8 or 16 bit resolution. As a stand-alone console it is still limited to 4096 parameters, the processing of the additional channels and fixtures is done by external Network Signal Processors (NSP). These NSPs provide up to 2048 parameters each and have four DMX output lines. For a fully featured grandMA installation with all 16384 parameters in 16 bit a total of 64 DMX universes can be provided. This would require 16 NSPs which will do the processing of these parameters as well as the DMX output.

grandMA on PC

In addition to the well known grandMA offline-editor the new grandMA onPC software to be used on desktop PCs or notebook computers has been developed. Using one or two Network Signal Processors it controls up to 4096 parameters live and without a "real" console. grandMA onPC as well as grandMA offline-editor are useful as a backup-system for smaller installations or a fully PC-based show controller.

Layout View

Any number of channels or fixtures may now be arranged on screen in the new matrix-style Layout View. Up to 64 views with variable fixture arrangements are available each showing intensity and color of the related fixtures. The layout view is ideal for direct and fast selection in squares, lines or freehand shapes. The layout view may also show real output values.

Bitmap Engine

With the new bitmap engine any black and white or colored bitmap file may now be imported into the grandMA and displayed as dimmer or color mixing values on a selected number of fixtures. These effects allow scaling, positioning, rotation and tiling of the imported image and are directly linked to one of the layout views. Text entries may directly be converted into bitmaps within the console and stored on a bitmap effect. Bitmap effects are ideal for LED fixtures or larger arrays of lamps or fixtures.

FTP File Server

The backup menu now offers an FTP File Server as archive target option. Single show files or the complete content of the console's local hard disk can be copied to a remote PC server in one go.

Partial Show Read

For merging single shows into one or loading parts of existing other shows into the actual one the new Partial Show Read command was introduced. Partial show read creates a new show setup by merging a number of selected channels or fixtures from a source showfile and then loading selected groups, cues, presets, effects and many more show related items.

Modulator Effects

The existing effects system has been expanded by Modulator Effects which are based on single channels' or fixtures' parameters. Modulators are stored and edited just like values in the channel, fixture and tracking sheet and can be stored in cues. Active modulator effects can now be changed or edited on a channel, fixture or parameter base easily without the need to start or stop the complete effect. The existing effects from former shows are still available and might be converted into modulators.

Remote Software Updates

The Remote Software Update via the network for consoles has been improved by including all Network Signal Processors as well..
05/2004 Pro-Light-News

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