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Martin MAC Quantum wash debuts at LDI 2013

Martin Professional MAC Quantum Wash
The new MAC Quantum Wash by Martin, which launched at LDI 2013, Las Vegas, is a powerful response to the market asking for brighter and more compact LED wash lights. The MAC Quantum Wash features tight beams, wash fields, an extensive colour palette and uniform mixing that combines to accommodate demanding applications. Combining 750 watts of RGBW LED power with Martin’s optical system is designed to provide the 1:6 zoom on the MAC Quantum Wash with maximum output and superior performance.
“By combining the lens shift possibilities first seen in the MAC Viper Quadray with the MAC Aura’s ground-breaking optical system, MAC Quantum Wash sets new standards for light and colour morphing effects from a wash light,” says Peter Skytte, Product Manager, Martin Professional. “Putting together the new beam twister, the patented Aura effect and the nice wash capabilities set new standards for what is possible with effects in a wash light.”
With its compact form factor, easy handling, high-speed movements, low noise cooling and rugged construction, the MAC Quantum Wash is designed for demanding applications. The combination of technologies animates expressive projection and aerial looks – the synthetic look of LED lights is removed and the organic, analogue effect looks great to the eye and on camera.
“Throughout t the project it has been important for us to keep the MAC Quantum Wash as the brightest but also the best LED wash light in the category. Therefore, I was extremely pleased to see our R&D team managing to animate the wash and deliver beautiful and subtle looks without compromising the core part of the product – the wash,” says Peter Skytte, and concludes: “We have had a fantastic market response and are already receiving an impressive number of order inquiries for the MAC Quantum Wash. We are preparing for a steep production ramp-up to expected delivery in quantity from February (2014).”
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