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Martin ShowDesigner 5 (MSD 5) available

A new version of Martin Professional’s ShowDesigner (MSD) lighting and set design software package is now available. Designed for developing realistic 3D lighting simulations for stage, club, architectural and other applications, Martin ShowDesigner 5 (MSD 5) includes a host of improvements, most notably a new state-of-the-art 3D graphic engine delivering near rendering quality in real-time. The latest updates to Martin ShowDesigner include a 3D graphic engine that delivers stunning real-time quality rendering, fixture beams that show true-life light distribution, animated smoke with adjustable density and evenness, camera animation using intuitive time-line control, new user interface with sidebar for quick access to all features, drag-drop of object and fixture onto 3D space, and an ISO camera view for easy manipulation of objects in 3D view.
MSD 5 comes in five different packages; Gold, Live, Live-4, Silver and Live-LJ. MSD 5 Gold is the full package with paperwork and photo-realistic rendering. MSD 5 Live is mainly for offline programming or video presentation needs. MSD 5 Live-4 is the same as MSD 5 Live but limited to four DMX-universes. Users who simply need to build scene and print plots would choose MSD 5 Silver while MSD 5 Live-LJ is similar to MSD 5 Live-4 but only compatible with Martin LightJockey.
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