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Robe launches versatile Robin 600 and 300 LEDWash luminaires

Robe launches its Robin 600 and 300 LEDWash fixtures at PLASA 2010 - these are two of a raft of nine new environmentally friendly lighting fixtures slated for release by the Czech Republic manufacturer at the London exhibition in September. Robe has a strong commitment to providing carbon conscious products for all areas of the professional lighting industry, and the LEDWashes are the latest in Robe's Robin Series, launched earlier this year. The Robin 600 and 300 LEDWashes are robustly engineered and built for serious use in the touring, show and events markets in addition to long term fixed installations. Apart from the low energy consumption, both fixtures incorporate a smooth, homogenised light engine and emit a quality of light similar to that of a conventional source, but hugely brighter at a fraction of the power.
The slim Robin LEDWash 600 (pictured) features 37 x 10 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs that are each individually controllable. These are arranged in three concentric rings designed for creating colour and pattern effects when pointed towards an audience in addition to providing even wash coverage of performers, stages, spaces, scenery and more.
The three LED rings are unique (patent pending) and make it a 'multi-purpose' unit. The inner and middle rings can be dimmed leaving only the outer ring for tunnel effects and fading and chasing simultaneously between all rings can create some psychedelic and kaleidoscopic effects. The unit can also be strobed and pre-programmed with random pulse strobe effects.
The 10W RGBW multichips deliver a whole array of true colours while the 4-in-1 design also enables a true white. The 15 - 45 degree motorised zoom is also an extremely versatile feature.
The Robin LEDWash 300 is a very compact fixture weighing a mere 10 kgs, suitable for all small-to-medium applications, particularly those where space and accessibility is an issue. It utilises 108 single RGB 3 Watt LEDs and has a motorised zoom of between 12 and 40 degrees. The life expectance of the lamp is 50,000 hours. Both Robin 300 and 600 LEDWashes have a self-levelling LED touch screen display with full battery backup, so the fixtures can be set up without hard power. The thermal and movement sensor system monitors the units during transport and operation, and they will work with all current available control protocols, including DMX512, ArtNet, RDM, MANet, MA2 Net and more.
Robe Robin 600 LEDWash
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