Studiomaster introduces new product at Winter NAMM 2012

Studiomaster launched new product lines at Winter NAMM 2012 exhibition, in Anaheim, California. New Studiomaster product included the portable Horizon 2012 powered mixer, shown for the first time in the US. The functional design incorporates a shoulder carry strap, removable control cover and a retractable panel to angle the mixer for the best working position; the mixer can be used free standing or rackmounted. All mic/line input channels feature the VMS optical compressor, acknowledged Studiomaster 3-band EQ, with sweepable mid, and a total of four aux sends. 60mm smooth faders, Mute, PFL buttons, and signal and peak LEDs complete the channel strip. A combined stereo and mic input channel effectively adds three more mic channels. Twin onboard FX processors feature real studio quality reverbs and delays. A 2-channel USB audio interface includes assignable signal source; playback from a computer can be routed to the main MIX output, or to a stereo channel giving access to EQ and auxiliaries. The output to the computer can be from the main MIX, to record a performance, or from the DSP effect sends to make use of plug-in FX. Each amplifier channel supplies a colossal 1000 watts into 4 ohms using Class G topology; stable into all loads with temperature & short circuit protection. Comprehensive three stage amp routing is selectable between normal stereo operation, split function (MIX to the left and Auxiliary to the right), or Monitor only.
Patrick Almond with Studiomaster XPXLaunched at Prolight + Sound show China 2011 and debuted internationally at NAMM was the Studiomaster XPX series portable moulded PA cabinet. Active and passive models are available in 12 inch and 15 inch driver series and feature neodymium drivers and 3 inch voice coils, and class D bi-amplification providing 750 Watts RMS in the active models.
Studiomaster also launched a technologically advanced PA solution in the form of the new Acoustic Image6 (passive) and Acoustic Image6A, (active) large-format NXT driven flat panel PA systems. Investment in state-of-the-art development and manufacturing technologies has improved the reproduction capabilities of flat panel speakers, and enabled the manufacture of the larger scale Acoustic Image6 / 6A panel (755 x 555 x 86mm) that can outperform conventional enclosures in small to medium reinforcement applications and multi speaker installations. The Acoustic Image6 / 6A is designed to offers significant performance advantages over conventional speaker cabinets in portable PA, AV installation, commercial audio and architectural applications. Six small, mathematically positioned exciters generate bending waves across the entire surface of a stiff panel membrane; the movement of the panel creates a diffuse soundfield that is virtually omnidirectional across its frequency range, resulting in a clear and identically balanced signal, regardless of listening angle.
The six 25mm exciters used in the Acoustic Image6 / 6A panels are based on conventional moving voice coils and the panel is rated at 200 Watts (into 8 ohms); in the 6A active variant, the panel is driven by a 200 W class D amplifier. The panels can be wall mounted or on a 35 mm top-hat pole fitting.
All Studiomaster products were featured at Prolight + Sound Show 2012, Frankfurt. Some of the recent Studiomaster products were also showcased at PLASA 2012, London.
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