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FSR introduces Ribbon Cables for HDMI at InfoComm 2013

FSR, manufacturer of audio and video switching, control products, and connectivity boxes, has announced to introduce numerous and varied Audio/Video products at InfoComm 2013, Orlando, Fla, Booth #2259. New gear will target installation, digital signage, power, signal distribution and control requirements for retail to classroom to conference
Highlights of the new launches include a series of powerful but compact table boxes for conference to classrooms; an iPad table mount to satisfy any digital signage need; a USB Charger for iPad and iPhones, and Digital Ribbon Cables for signal distribution in an AV setting.
FSR’s Power Coaster mini table boxes are suitable for meeting, conference and classroom applications. The covers protect and conceal the connectors below and resemble a high-end coaster when closed. Easy installation is accomplished by simply drilling a round hole in the table. A variety of connector options are available including Universal AC power receptacles and dual USB charging ports. The covers are available with either black or aluminum anodized finishes for durability.
The AC outlets can be ordered in US, International Universal, UK or Australian forms to satisfy most international markets.
Suitable for retail establishments, tradeshows, conferences, or even residential use, the versatile iPad Table Mounts offer a secure and reliable solution for any application utilizing an iPad or mini iPad as a digital signage tool. Using mounting holes in the base, the units can be permanently and securely mounted to a desk, tabletop or other surface as an advertising aid or mini billboard. Rotating action allows quick repositioning between portrait and landscape orientation, and a swivel option permits user sharing. Flexible tilt mechanics swiftly adjust the iPad Table Mount into any desired position.
The patent pending SS-USB-CHRG Charger snap-in module is iPad / iPhone compatible and incorporates the necessary firmware to communicate with USB devices, detect the correct charging wattage, and deliver a full 10 watts of charging power. The snap-in style connector fits a standard keystone mounting form and includes a power supply with screw terminals for easy installation. Available in white and black.
FSR’s Digital Ribbon Cables utilize proprietary composite technology to effectively allow high-speed high definition HDMI signal transmission over distances of up to 325 ft. Active circuitry embedded in the connector shells provides all the signal buffering needed and eliminates additional bulky electronics.
The cables deliver a 10.2 Gb/sec video bandwidth and can easily handle 1080p, 4kx2k, 3D and most newer hi-res formats. HDMI and HDCP compatibility is maintained throughout. These cables are designed for audio/video distribution in digital signage, conference room and classroom settings where longer cable runs have been prohibitive in the past. The cables are UL listed and plenum rated. The new technology permits tight bends during installation. The small jacket is a mere 5mm x 2.5mm in size and available in lengths ranging from 50 to 325 ft. (15 to 100 meters) in assorted lengths.
FSR will also launch a host of AV equipment including Floor Boxes and a new FLEX System.
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