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Can music influence the quality of grapes at Il Paradiso di Frassina?

Does music have an influence on the quality of a vineyard’s produce? For five years, Carlo Cignozzi, a lawyer from Milan dedicated to viticulture, is running an exceptional experiment. Cignozzi has always believed that musical harmony can create a magically fertile atmosphere capable of enhancing the growth and quality of grapes and consequently their wine. The long-term project is accompanied by the University of Florence to research the possible effects of classical music in the growth of stronger, healthier vineyard grapes. "When the grapes and wines that have been affected by the harmonies of Mozart, Vivaldi, Mahler, and others, in the open as well as in the barrels, will reach maturity, we shall be able to taste and savour the first wine & music in the history of wine," says Carlo Cignozzi.
The vineyard is located in the heart of Italy’s Tuscany region, at “Il Paradiso di Frassina” where the famous “Brunello di Montacluno”, a world-class red wine, is produced. Located about 5 kilometers from the city of Montalcino, the vineyard enjoys splendid views of the unique and well-known Sienese landscape.
“Kenell”, Italian distributor of D.A.S. Audio’s products, was called upon to provide the equipment for this project with the request of a sound system capable of providing clear, natural and accurate acoustic coverage. A total of 15 DS-8T speakers were installed throughout the vineyard. The speaker's high-pressure mineral charged polypropylene enclosures have been capable of supporting exposure to all types of weather, proving their suitability for this type of outdoor application.
During the grape harvest 2005, numerous broadcasters from all over the world including ABC News Worldwide, Good Morning America, CNN, Corriere di Siena and RAI 1 International, covered this project on radio and television.
Will music be able to improve the quality of grapes?
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