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Turbosound reports that anybody in the vicinity of the intersection of Garey Street and East Second Street, in downtown Los Angeles on a weekend night, is more than likely to be aware of the existence of Club Mobius. The space is outfitted with a Turbosound rig that, according to Club Mobius owner and promoter Robert Diaz, can be heard for some considerable distance.
In the main room, eight Turbosound Floodlight Series TFL-760H active three-way, mid-high enclosures are combined with eight TSW-718 dual 18-inch low frequency speakers and four TSW-124 single 24-inch subwoofer units. With the system powered by 20,000 watts of QSC amplifiers, Club Mobius is capable of delivering some seriously loud dance grooves to its audience. A pair of TSE-111 two-way enclosures, and a pair of single 18-inch bass units, cover a smaller lounge and dance studio upstairs, while XTA, BSS and Turbosound processors provide speaker control throughout.
"You can walk a block and half and the floor is still vibrating, through several buildings," observes Diaz. "Those are the best bass cabinets for low frequencies. Four will do a stadium, really." But this is no ordinary dance club. Although Club Mobius has played host to some of the world's top DJs, Diaz and his business partner Christian Manchester, both California Institute of the Arts alumni, have turned the Mobius Arts Performance Center into a black-box space that is equal parts gallery, performance space and traditional DJ-friendly nightclub venue. "We've been developing Mobius over the last year and a half, doing special events, gallery shows, one-off events," explains Diaz. Certainly, few nightclubs host DJs, art exhibits, fashion and modern dance-in a single night.
But Club Mobius is only a small part of the pair's business ventures, which revolves around Whump Sound. Diaz and Manchester formed the sound, lighting and production company after graduating from CalArts six years ago. "I was at CalArts for Theater - technical directing," explains Diaz, "and got a degree in that. I ended up doing scenery and special effects for about a year then started to invest in sound equipment. I don't know how I got into it, other than that I really enjoyed high-quality, loud PA systems."
That enjoyment has led to a thorough understanding of such systems. At Mobius, he notes, "You don't realize how good a sound system is until you can stand in the middle of the club and really have a conversation. We care about sound. I don't like ringing, and I don't like to go deaf. Turbosound has spoken for itself, show after show."
Another smaller space, in the Silver Lake area of the city, is being turned into a "hookah" themed lounge, complete with sound system. "We now have the new Turbosound QLight TQ-310 units, and I'm thinking of installing them in this venue."
Whump Sound has owned a Turbosound rig for three years now. In addition to events featuring international DJ greats Sasha and Digweed, plus Mr. Scruff, Rockers Hi-Fi, Soul Jazz Sound System, Daddy G from Massive Attack, and LTJ Bukem at Mobius, Whump is also in regular demand by local DJs: "A lot of the DJs in L.A. use us exclusively." "We also do a lot of benefits," he adds. "We're interested in giving back to the community by starting a summer workshop program, teaching interested young people to use mixing boards, program lighting, and setup big PA systems."
Having previously staged local events for Diesel Clothing and Urb magazine, Diaz attended the Winter Music Conference in Miami to provide full production services for Urb at the Albion Hotel, plus various other parties..
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