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L-Acoustics previews compact XT coaxial series installation products

XT compact coaxial enclosure
L-Acoustics 5XT
L-Acoustics treated InfoComm 2012 attendees in Las Vegas to a preview of two systems - the 5 and SB15m compact subwoofer - both scheduled for winter 2012 availability.
The newest and smallest member of L-Acoustics' XT coaxial series, the 5XT is based on a two-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. The compact system contains a one-inch diaphragm compression driver coaxially loaded by a five-inch low-mid frequency transducer mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure.
The 5XT cabinet is made of premium-grade Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity. A 3/8-inch microphone stand insert and two M8 inserts for the ETR5 flying bracket are integrated into the cabinet. The 5XT enclosure operates over a frequency range of 90 Hz to 20 kHz. The coaxial transducer arrangement produces a 100-degree axi-symmetric directivity output along with a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range. Its design makes the 5XT suitable for a range of distributed applications, as a main or fill system.
Power and processing for the 5XT is delivered by the LA4 or LA8 amplified controller, providing linearization, protection and optimization for the loudspeaker system in its different operating modes.
"The introduction of 5XT responds to our rental agents' and system integrators' requests for a coaxial product with an even more compact footprint than the current 8XT/8XTi models," says L-Acoustics Marketing Director Stéphane Ecalle. "With the 5XT, our clients will be offered a discreet and high SPL solution for both rentals and fixed installation such as front-fills, under balconies, distributed systems and surround speakers. Market segments will cover congress centers, hotels, lounges, bars, AV rooms, theatres, etc."
Recommended for use with L-Acoustics' KIVA and XT series enclosures - including the 5XT - the new SB15m extends the operating frequency range of these systems down to 40 Hz. The SB15m features a single 15-inch driver in a bass reflex tuned enclosure to provide impact, sensitivity, low thermal compression and reduced distortion. The vent features a progressive profile allowing laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise at all operating levels.
The SB15m cabinet is likewise made of premium-grade Baltic birch plywood. A pole-mount socket is integrated into the top of the SB15m cabinet allowing one XT enclosure or two KIVA to be mounted directly above. SB15m subwoofers can be flown or ground-stacked as a standalone vertical array or within an SB15m/KIVA array.
Like the 5XT, the SB15m is powered and processed by the LA4 or LA8 amplified controller for linearization, protection and optimization for the loudspeaker system in its different operating modes, including cardioid.
"The SB15m will fulfill two goals," Ecalle notes. "First, it will extend the frequency response of our compact coaxial enclosures, namely 5XT and 8XT/8XTi. Second, SB15m will be introduced with a new KIVA-SB bumper to offer full compatibility with our KIVA modular line source and with added rigging possibilities. With a maximum SPL of 135 dB and operating range down to 40 Hz, as well as a progressive profile with laminar airflow, the SB15m will provide KIVA with significantly reinforced low frequency resources and bandwidth. The KIVA-KILO system was originally designed for speech reinforcement, but with the addition of the SB15m, its application range can be further extended for today's music."
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