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Bosch launches LC4 wide-angle ceiling loudspeaker

Launching globally at InfoComm 2012, booth C9708, the new LC4 wide-angle ceiling loudspeaker from Bosch is designed to offer excellent audio quality and wide coverage in an attractive, compact package for applications with small amounts of install space.
The LC4 is equipped with quality acoustical components and is available in versions of 6, 12, and 24 watts. Featuring a wide opening angle of 180° at 4 kiloHertz for far fewer required units to address large areas with highly intelligible, uniform sound, makes the LC4 suitable for background music, voice announcements, and emergency messaging. As eight LC4 ceiling loudspeakers can achieve the same coverage (at 4 kilohertz) as 55 standard ceiling loudspeakers, this adds up to significant savings on installation and equipment costs.
The LC4 was specially designed for tight installation spaces, such as the low false ceilings found in commercial buildings, hotels, and cruise ships. The unit can be mounted in soft or hard ceiling material with a thickness of up to 50 millimeters. Furthermore, because the loudspeaker has a removable, paintable grille, it’s easy to match the LC4 with any interior design scheme.
LC4 ceiling speakers from Bosch
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