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EHX launches multi-track looping recorder and RTG synth

At Winter NAMM show 2013, Anaheim, and at Musikmesse 2013, Frankfurt, Electro-Harmonix introduced its 'super looping recorder' with state-of-the-art features, the 45000 Multi-Track Looping Recorder. EHX also unveiled the RTG Random Tone Generator, a faithful reissue of a product which was originally released in 1980.
The palm-sized RTG synthesizer produces wild, randomly changing tones over a four-plus octave range. Creates sensational soundscapes, especially when used with other effects.
Electro-Harmonix 45000 multi-track looping recorder
Building on EHX’s looper legacy, the 45000 combines the familiar controls of a multi-track digital recorder with features making it possible to create complex multi-track loops quickly and easily.
Each loop has four mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track. The 45000 records non-compressed, 44.1 kHz / 16-bit CD quality audio direct to a removable SDHC card (4 to 32GB). Each card holds up to 100 individual loops accessed with the optional 45000 Foot Controller.
Loop speed is adjustable over a two octave range, and reverse recording and playback are also possible. For extra convenience, a built-in metronome to a separate Monitor Out and a Headphone Out are also included.
Shortly after Musikmesse Electro-Harmonix added a collection of drum loops especially for the 45000 that cover a slew of different styles and genres. Existing users could ()and still can) download the drum loops.
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