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Sennheiser launches its StageMeister competition

The Sennheiser StageMeister Contest offers the opportunity to accompany a touring band as a roadie. The competition is supported by Sennheiser subsidiaries and partners around the globe, they will provide practical training for the winners. The competition is launched at the Winter NAMM show 2009 and will start by searching for a roadie from the USA and Canada, before focusing on entrants from Europe in April. The band that the North American roadie will accompany for a week during the 2009 summer festival season will be Simple Plan from Canada.
“We are delighted that Simple Plan finds this competition just as fascinating as we do,” said Susanne Seidel, President Global Marketing at Sennheiser. “For many – and especially for young people – being a roadie is their dream, and it’s great that we can give the winners the opportunity to gain some first-hand experience in this area after some intensive training.”
'Why me? is the question that entrants from the USA and Canada have to consider right at the start. Their application with a video or a photo will have to convince the jury made up of Sennheiser experts and Simple Plan’s production manager The competition closes on March 31 2009. The jury will then select two candidates and invite them to a telephone interview that will decide on the winner.
A two-day training session at Sennheiser in Canada or the USA will prepare the winner for the job with Simple Plan. The training programme will include an introduction to RF technology, miking techniques, touring and production equipment and a brief insight into “roadie lingo”. The future roadies will also be provided with a camera and a laptop so that they will be able to report on their experiences in a blog.
“The North American phase will then be followed by other Sennheiser subsidiaries and partners as well as bands from other parts of the world,” explained Susanne Seidel. “This will give music fans from around the globe the opportunity to apply as a roadie for a band. It’s certainly not an easy job and will require a lot of dedication from our candidates – but they will be proud of their team’s achievements after every show. After all, they will have helped to create an unforgettable evening for the audience.”
Jeff Stinco from Simple Plan: “This contest gives you the chance to test your newly acquired skills on the road, with us and our technical crew. If you win, our techs will guide you through your work and show you how things really go on behind the curtains — there’s a lot of magic that goes on behind the scenes of a good rock show. Don’t think you’re going on a holiday here; you have a lot of work ahead of you. We wouldn’t be able to play for thousands of fans year after year if we didn’t have such a great team behind us that thinks about every detail that makes a Simple Plan show happen. Good luck and we hope to see you backstage at one of our shows very soon.”
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