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DVZ Strings by Audio Impressions at winter NAMM show 2009

At the 125th AES convention, San FranciscoAudio Impressions unveiled their DVZ Strings sample library using their patent-pending SPACE process through nearly $50,000 worth of FAR ATD2 XM-G2 digitally controlled active monitors. In January 2009, the first official release version of their virtual instrument technology and high definition 70 piece DVZ Strings 2.0 sample library will be demonstrated at Winter NAMM show, room 7801 (near the Arena, just off Hall A).
Audio Impressions' DVZ Strings is comprised of 70 virtual string players of which there are 10 solo players within 18 Violins I, 16 Violins II, 14 Violas, 12 Celli and 10 Basses. The library contains samples of priceless Stradivari and Guarneri instruments that were recorded in London's finest studios. You're able to increase or decrease the total musician count, desk-by-desk, down to string quartet in real-time for real-world section balances and accurate score transcription.
Enhancements in the latest version include re-mastered Strings; microtonal scaling for world music, key-switching options, 3 Decca Tree room mic selections, individual stereo outputs for each string section and AudioPort - a high-quality digital audio over LAN process which links PC's to Mac eliminating the need for costly sound-cards.
Audio Impressions' DVZ Strings comes with Audio Impressions' patented Divisi technology which is designed to give you the real-world, real-time, section balances that previously have only been possible with live musicians.
Also included is Audio Impressions' patent-pending SPACE process which provides the control over Decca Tree overheads and spot microphone simulation as well as a host of continuously variable room size and acoustic adjustments to once-and-for-all cure the overdubbed sound.
Future releases already in production will include DVZ Winds, Brass, Jazz Band, Guitars, Keyboards, and Pipe Organ, as well as Percussion and Drum Kit suites.
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