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Tascam shows preview of UH-7000 microphone preamp/USB audio interface

At Summer NAMM 2013, Tascam exhibited a reference model of the upcoming UH-7000 Standalone microphone preamp/USB audio interface, currently in development. Price and official launch date are yet to be announced. Based off of the design and circuitry of TEAC’s High Definition DACS and Audio Components, the UH-7000 is designed to offer an impressive sound quality not heard in home recording before.
Features of the UH-7000 include high quality audio circuitry tested and evaluated for months before final selection, two high performing microphone preamps designed in an instrumentation amplifier structure, high-stability power supply unit and high-precision TCXO (Temperature-Controlled Crystal Oscillator). Standalone mode allows the unit to be used as a preamp without the need for a PC.
Included on the UH-7000 is an on-board DSP mixer with independent mixing and monitoring along with DSP effects (reverb, compressor and dynamic effects).
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