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elysia introduces nvelope rack dynamics processor

Following the release of the nvelope modul for the series 500 in May 2012, elylsia launched a 19" rack-version of the dynamics processor. The nvelope can make subtle or drastic changes to a sound by giving direct access to its attack and sustain characteristics which is highly useful for reshaping single signals. The nvelope rack is also recommended for use in mixing applications.
The nvelope works independently from the specific level of a signal, and unlike using compressors, you do not have to balance an interactive set of more or less complex controls to get the results you want in a jiffy.
With its unique Dual Band mode, the nvelope gives you enhanced control on processing to even cope with complex material. And by temporarily bypassing its dynamics sections, it can become a flexible high/low shelf EQ as well.
Manufactured in Germany using selected components and a rugged aluminium enclosure, nvelope rack will be showcased at 133rd AES, San Francisco, Booth #1128, along elysias' range of advanced analogue studio products.
elysia nvelope Rack-Version
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