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Ocean Way HR-3 high resolution reference monitor system at 131st AES

ocean way HR-3 At 131st AES convention in New York, Ocean Way Monitoring Systems' US distributor Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro) introduced the HR-3 High Resolution Reference Monitor System. Intended as a high-definition reference point to sonically judge and discern intricate musical balances for final mixes. The Ocean Way HR-3 monitors are designed to satisfy the most discriminating audiophile, yet still being capable of meeting the most demanding dynamic range and accuracy required by studio professionals. The HR-3 provides high dynamic range while maintaining matched uniform frequency response between channels.
Designed by Grammy Award-winning engineer, producer and mixer Allen Sides, the HR-3 monitor system is the culmination of almost 40 years of his experience designing high resolution studio speaker systems for his many studios and a wide variety of commercial installations, including George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch scoring stage; Trevor Horn’s Sarm Studios in London; and Walt Disney’s Hollywood Records, as well as private installations for musical artists like Gwen Stefani, Dave Grohl and Beck.
The two sides from 1k to 20k typically fall within 1dB of each other, creating accurate symmetry in regards to stereo imaging. The HR-3’s uniform dispersion, coupled with smooth off-axis response from its 15-inch mid bass driver, allows for a very wide listening window, helping to eliminate the narrow 'sweet spot' effect. The HR-3’s twin 12-inch subwoofers also produce extended and detailed low end to 20Hz. The unit’s power handling is 800 Watts continuous for the twin sub bass woofers, 400 Watts continuous for the mid bass woofers and 100 Watts continuous (650 Hz and up) for the high frequency driver.
The Ocean Way HR-3 (in addition to the HR-2) was deigned to bridge the gap between superb audiophile speakers and accurate professional studio monitors. The monitors integrate brilliant horn designs, never fully realized from the late 1950s, with exceptional wide bandwidth, low distortion drivers and a tri-amplified / equalized electronic package second to none.
The Ocean Way HR-3 specifications include a frequency response of +/- 2dB from 20Hz – 20kHz, symmetry between channels of +/- 0.5 dB from 1k to 20k, and high frequency driver with maximum of 100 Watts continuous from 650 Hz and up with 1 watt in at 1k measured at 3 feet producing 108 dB. The high frequency horn with a 90-degree by 40-degree dispersion has a 500Hz cutoff, crossover points are 650Hz and 80Hz, 18 dB per octave. The two-inch throat high frequency driver has a 19,000 gauss magnetic structure and titanium diaphragm with aluminum voice coil.
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