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Celemony to exhibit Melodyne at Winter NAMM show 2013

At the Winter NAMM show 2013 in Anaheim (CA), Celemony will be showing its audio software Melodyne at Booth #6242 (Hall A). This Grammy Award winning software is considered the standard for especially musical and natural-sounding pitch correction and audio editing. Celemony Product Manager Stefan Lindlahr from Germany and Head of Support Jörg Hüttner will be in attendance to answer questions about the integration and use of Melodyne.
Celemony Software introduced Version 2 of Melodyne editor at 131st AES convention in New York. The new version offers more possibilities for working with different scales and temperaments, more powerful timing tools, Rewire integration, and other improvements.
Not all music is played on white and black keys, true intonation is complex. The new True Scale & Tuning functions offer those who produce Arab, Indian or contemporary and microtonal music the ideal function set for editing their work with Melodyne. True Scale & Tuning also has the power to enhance conventional music production, by making it easy for users to explore the emotional and atmospheric subtleties of different scales and temperaments and integrate them into their own music. Different scales and temperaments can be loaded, edited in detail, and even be created from scratch. Highlight is the Scale Detective, which is capable of analyzing any sample or piece of music and allows even users with no detailed knowledge to transfer the scale and the tuning.
The new Attack Speed tool allows you to edit the starting transients, that are so determinative of the sound – for each note separately if required, especially important for percussive sounds. In addition, with the new Time Handles, even time progressions within individual notes can be reshaped. This allows for more detailed editing of vocals.
Melodyne is intended to be of use to as many producers as possible – regardless which DAW they use. For this reason, Melodyne editor 2 now also supports Rewire.
The update to Version 2 brings other minor improvements and workflow optimizations that along with Rewire integration are also included in the free updates to Version 2 of Melodyne assistant and essential.
At the same time as the update to Melodyne editor 2, free updates to Version 2 of Melodyne assistant and essential will be released, as well as an updated trial version.
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