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Ludwig launches Epic Series drums with very thin and vibrating shells

Launched at Winter NAMM show 2009, and to be highlighted at Musikmesse 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany, Hall 3.0 B18, Ludwig's Epic series drums are taking the bright, cutting tone of Birch and fusing it with the warmer qualities of Maple. The Epic Series drums are designed to produce a wet, powerful sound that is at home in high-volume situations. Epic's new thin 6-ply shell vibrates at a more even rate.
Available in five different configurations, four high-gloss lacquer finishes, and accented by the new Classic Keystone Lug, 2.5mm snare hoops (2mm rims on toms,) and Vintage Bronze hardware, the Epic Series has found a home in the Ludwig Legacy.
“The sound of the Birch/Maple/Birch shell on these drums is so full and warm it is astounding!” said Kevin Packard, Director of Marketing, Combo Percussion. “The Ludwig team put a lot of time and research into this shell and the unique qualities of the Epic Series, and the added value of the 6th free drum with all 5-piece shell packs is a pretty amazing value!”
Ludwig Epic series drum kit
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