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Yamaha's student percussion kits reduce carrying weight

Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division introduced new Student Percussion Kits at Winter NAMM Show 2010. Designed with a focus on flexibility, the new kits will allow educators to reduce the carrying weight for the student.
Offering a back pack snare and bell kit paring option, the percussion kits are built to be modular and lightweight. Given the heaviness of some student percussion kits on the market today, the Yamaha kits let the student carry to class only what he or she needs for rehearsal and/or performance.
"Not much has changed with student percussion products in the past several years," noted Troy Wollwage, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Percussion. "With the Yamaha 12-inch snare drum and modular, component system, we have reduced the carrying weight for the student. This product allows dealers to build or create the kit they need and only invest in the components of it that they will need. It is designed to be flexible with the dealers, educators and students need or 'Go as you Grow' system."
Available in June 2010, the kits are comprised of the SK-275 Mini Snare Kit with backpack, SK-275R Mini Snare Kit with backpack and roller, SPK-275 Bell Kit with backpack, SPK-275R Bell Kit with with backpack and roller, SCK-275R Mini Combo Kit with backpack and roller, and the SC-275 Rolling Cart for Student Kits.
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