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General Meeting for MIDI developers by MMA

The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) announced the agenda for its 2012 Annual General Meeting of members to be held on Sunday January 22 in Anaheim, CA, Marriott Hotel, in conjunction with the NAMM Show. Anyone developing MIDI products is invited to attend the AGM General Session at 9 am, which will be followed by a Technical Session for MMA Members (only) starting at 10 am.
Attendees at the General Session will receive status reports regarding ongoing development of MIDI technologies and about opportunities for MIDI in eBooks, the web (HTML5), and more. There will also be a presentation about the Open Control Architecture Alliance effort to establish a standard for control and monitoring of devices in professional media networks.
At the Technical Session, MMA members will discuss updating the MIDI Electrical Specification for lower-voltage devices (3.3V), and will discuss a recommended practice for MIDI and IEEE-AVB. Members will also view a presentation regarding developing systems supporting RTP-MIDI, IEEE-AVB, and MMA HD Protocol on Windows, MacOS and Embedded Linux platforms.
On Monday after NAMM, MMA HD Protocol Working Group members will conduct a “plug-fest” to verify the discovery/enumeration features of the draft HD Protocol Specification, which is expected to be completed later in 2012.
Also during the NAMM Show, MMA will host a "Hands-On Technology" Zone session on Thursday, January 19, at 4:00 pm with MIDI experts discussing some of the latest iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) products that are changing the music products industry. Make sure to pay a $25 registration fee to NAMM to be put MMA's NAMM HOT Zone Invite list.
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