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Entry-level Edirol P-10 visual sampler

The new Edirol P-10 is an affordable, compact and easy to use presenter complete with motion JPEG support, slide show function and SD storage and playback, Edirol's latest entry-level video performance tool. It has a very intuitive operation, integrated design for ease of use with other Edirol video equipment and a front panel that allows easy triggering of video clips via the sampler-like interface.
With 12 trigger pads and dedicated dials for the onboard effects, the Edirol P-10 is a hardware solution, being faster and a more elegant and reliable alternative to using a laptop for live performances. Other features include motion JPEG support for high quality stills and video (S-video 640x480 pixels) and a Slide Show function to make movie-esque images from still pictures. The built-in colour display makes the P-10 suitable for use as a dedicated controller in its own right, but the unit also connects via V-LINK to other supported devices.
The Edirol P-10 is designed to take away the frustration of using more complex computer-based systems, enabling trouble-free video triggering wherever you are.
The P-10 ships with a 1 GB SD card and can take SD cards from 512 kB to 16 GB providing 7 to 240 minutes of recording time. It supports both movies (motion JPEG) and still images (JPEG) and can directly record to and playback from SD cards. It features a an analogue audio/video input terminal for direct capture and provides a built in colour display for operation without external monitor.
Edirol P-10 visual Sampler
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