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Vixid VJX16-4 takes video mixing to a broad user range

At prolight + sound show 2008 in Frankfurt, Vixid launched its first product, a 4-layer video mixing table designed with professionals and amateurs in mind. Noticing a growing demand for visuals, Vixid realised that there was no affordable hardware product out there which could handle both audio and video. Vixid's VJX16-4 has a total of 16 video-inputs for PAL/NTSC/SECAM video sources which can be mixed making use of up to four layers.
VIXIDs ambition is to bring innovative and competitive appliances to multimedia artists of every level of expertise. Using the VJX16-4, any visual artist can control, edit live and pilot their mixes, due to cutting edge concepts of video mixing and composing. Throughout an extended beta-testing period, the VJX16-4 has been used in various video installations such as clubs, concerts, theatres, conferences, contemporary art exhibitions and TV studios.
Features of the VJX16-4 include full PAL or NTSC resolution with very low latency and seamless mixing, four video layers with blend modes, matrix switcher functionalities, 42 effects, 144 presets for easier live mixing, MIDI and audio interactivity. The final mix can be broadcast live on three independent screens like plasma, television or projector.
Vixid VJX16-4
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