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LG launches SuperNarrow and MultiVision Plasma screens

At Integrated Systems Europe 2010 in Amsterdam, LG launched LCD and Plasma video-wall solutions with slim bezels and high contrast for sharp clarity without distortion. LG’s MultiVision Plasma and “SuperNarrow” M4630C LCD video-walls have been designed to offer customers choice of display type without having to compromise on quality or picture clarity.
“SuperNarrow” M4630C is an LCD display solution, delivering a 46” LCD TFT high contrast and resolution video-wall, but with seam size of only 7.3mm – meaning less distortion and distraction, and clearer more engaging imagery to capture foot traffic for longer.
LG Multivision is a Plasma screen video-wall, with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio but panel bezels that are only 4mm, making them virtually invisible to consumers watching content on the two-screen solution.
Both solutions support a wide range of content formats, and are designed to be easy to install, manage and maintain. Luc Grare, Director of LG Business Solutions for Europe, said; “Different retail, hospitality and transport customers have different content display requirements. For some Plasma delivers the super high contrast and high response time they need –either because of the content they are displaying or the location of the display. For others LCD is more flexible.”
“What we do know is that one of the challenges with video-walls is the impact the customer is looking to make with their display, can be negated by wide bezels - breaking up the picture and creating minor distortion of the image. With seam sizes of only 4mm and 7.3mm respectively, LG has resolved that issue for both customers, and partners looking to deliver solutions to such problems.”
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