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GLP launch iPad app for impression X4 pattern effects

GLP (German Light Products) have launched an iPad app for their impression X4 fixture which allows designers to visualize and create custom pixel patterns quickly. Android and iPhone versions will follow soon.
One of the versatile features of the impression X4 is that users can create their own pixel designs on the fly. The values are displayed on the iPad but need to be transferred into the console as they get stored there, rather than being uploaded to the fixture from the iPad. The new iPad app makes this process fast and easy by bringing up a mimic of the fixtures front lens layout. Users can tap individual lenses on and off to design the output that they would like. Simultaneously the app displays the corresponding DMX channels and values to be input to the controller for the physical fixture.
An additional feature of the app is the color picker allowing you to see color selection on top of any pattern for a real feel of how a final pattern will appear.
Impression X4 App
Impression X4 App
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