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Latest Clarity release and Redback Wall-Mount dimmer by LSC at PLASA 2010

LSC's Redback dimmer range was introduced in 2007 as a general dimmer range with great features and an attractive price. At PLASA 2010 in London previewed the Redback Wall-mount dimmers, a completely new dimmer. Redesigned from the ground up, the sight of a crisp colour touch screen gives the user the immediate notion that this is no ordinary dimmer. The new Redback Wall-Mount sports a number of new features unsusual in its price range including, optional relay channels, RDM, various output configurations, external wallplate control and a slim figure.
The nature of power and dimming requirements in the modern venue has changed considerably over the last decade and now, more often than not, switching of direct power to control LED and intelligent lighting fixtures, as well as dimming of conventional lights is called for. The Redback Wall-Mount dimmer caters for these situations by offering a true switched power control module option. For example a 24 channel Redback Wall-Mount unit can be supplied with 12 channels of dimming as well as 12 channels of power control in the same chassis. The power control modules can be switched using DMX512, fixed in a permanent state (off or on) or controlled via a number of other methods in the same fashion that the dimming channels can be controlled. The switched power module outputs provide direct power by utilising relays guaranteeing there is absolutely no electronics in the way to affect connected loads.
Available in a variety of models the dimmers are slim-line wall mounted units permitting them to be located in areas where depth is a concern such as narrow cupboards or along walkways or catwalks.
A number of different output socket combinations are available as well as the hardwired version. A unique patch version using GST18 connectors permits double output sockets as well as a hotpower connection providing flexibility.
The feature list includes 6, 12 or 24 channel configurations; 10A per channel; optional RCD or RCBO breakers; optional Neutral Disconnect breakers; 3-phase or single phase operation; optional mixed Dimming and Relay modules; full colour touch screen; RDM control and reporting; optional Wall Plates; 6 internal scenes and chases; GST18 Outlet option with two dimmed outputs and one HotPower output connector; and Fire / Panic input.
LSC Redback Wall-Mount Dimmer 24-channel version with GST18 outlet including HotPower
The latest build of LSC's control software Clarity, Version 1.3, was also previewed at PLASA 2010 in London. This new release is targeted at improving the use of Clarity in live shows, with many new features specifically designed for quicker user interaction. The new code includes many new enhancements and features.
The speed and fading of chases, cuelists rates and FX size/speed are instantly controllable via the new Spin Box Roller controls. Just click and drag on these to activate a temporary virtual wheel that adjusts the spin box values. Where appropriate they have an associated reset button to quickly reset the spin box back to its default value.
The faders on the VX wings can now be linked to provide greater live control of the associated Cuelist. Options for extended control include Chase Rate, Playback Rate, FX Rate and FX Amplitude. A new concept 'Scooting' allow fine control of speed by using the fader as a wheel whilst pressing the Flash button.
Tapping the play button for a chase now allows the user to set the chase speed to the beat of the music. The Spin Box Rollers in the palette window allow instant control of the speed and size of any selected FX. It is also possible to mask for IPCB parameters when activating a Dynamic Preset. The colour pane in the palette window has a configurable standard swatch colour picker. This is configurable between Lee, GAM and various Rosco swatches and can display in either chromatic or numeric order. The beam window also displays quick select buttons for all the gobos on the currently selected fixtures.
It is now possible to record Time Presets (and Freesets). A Live Times Dialog allows Presets, Freesets and Palettes to be recalled with a time. It is possible to create a simple (5 sec) time or a complex fanned times (Fixtures 1 thru 5 over 3 seconds) with just a few clicks of the button or by selecting an existing Time Preset from the lower pane. Once a time is set/selected, the next preset or freeset that is activated will use the programmed time. You now can also build a compound string of preset/freeset activations with different timings by pressing the Build button.
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