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At prolight+sound 2010, Frankfurt, Multiform Lighting added several new products to their expanding range of professional LED lighting systems. Most of the products will also be showcased at PLASA 2010 in London, stand 2-R24, the stand of their US distributor Apollo Design Technology. Muktiform will be represented by Markus Grimm from Adelto Europe Ltd
The AmbiLED Range is designed for the architainment market. The AmbiStrip - 3C/M is a medium-sized RGB LED strip light, designed to provide colour mixing outline/edge illumination to suspended ceilings, bar counters, frosted glass elements and other indirect lighting applications. Driven by a 24V constant voltage power suppy like the AmbiLED APS series for control of colour and brightness they use 140 LEDs consuming 8.3W/m. Available in lengths of 1000, 500 and 250mm to accommodate various mounting setups, the LED strips are housed in a 30mm dia PC tube with moulded end caps allowing tubes to be installed end to end. The AmbiStrips can also be linked using 4 core cable and are supplied with clip-on wall holders for simple installation.
The AmbiPower APS060W is an entry-level model combining a power supply with DMX-control for distributed RGB LED lighting systems that are centrally controlled. The wall-mount shape and terminal block connections makes this core unit a lighting installer's solution. A single AmbiPower 60W unit can drive up to 7m of AmbiStrip lighting. Using four channel DMX control, the unit includes 19 preset colours and 17 chases for stand alone operation and can also be used with most other 24V RGB LED lighting sources and displays.
Multiform LS4295 budget LED lighting systemThe MultiBar LS4195 is a budget priced portable LED stage lighting system for small bands, dance ensembles, exhibition displays or mobile DJs.The MultiBar comprises four MultiSpot Ell RGB fixtures, mounted on one meter of extruded aluminium cross bar housing a 16 Channel DMX controlled power supply. The sophisticated switched mode power supply has four Internal and three DMX modes allowing stand alone operation or remote control. Designed to be mounted on a 35mm dia. tripod stand, or suspended from a truss or lighting bar, it has a mains input of 90-250 V 50/60 Hz and will operate in most countries of the world. The MultiBar LS4195 is supplied in a road proof flight case, with compartments for an optional LC400F footswitch and a MultiLED LC300H controller.
The Multispot ECO-II LS1195 is a medium-power RGB LED light source with an output of 342 lumens and the successor to the entry-level model Multispot Eco. The upgrade includes a different R:G:B ratio for better colour mixing performance, and a switch mode power supply for improved energy saving and less heat emission. Specifically targeting fixed installations, it is available in colour finishes grey, black and white.
The Multispot HP LS1009 is a versatile 685 lumen LED lighting fixture with a space saving shape. Neatly fitting within most box trusses, this unit becomes a quiet, bright truss warmer in addition to uplighting walls and spotlighting features. Architectural and commercial projects can benefit from the sleek design and low maintenance the MultiSpot HP offers. The use of a medium-density array of 9 x 3W MulTriCell LED devices, which are forced-air cooled using Multiform's DSC technology, allows a higher brightness and light consistency than standard LED fixtures deliver, but provides quieter operation with less need for airflow by the temperature-controlled cooling fan.
The MuliBeam HP LS1018 provides twice the light output of the smaller MultiSpot HP unit, while maintaining the sleek design favoured in many architectural applications. Event producers will appreciate the smooth, even colour washes the MultiBeam HP produces for uplighting walls and tents. Rugged and durable for rental and event companies, the MultiBeam HP uses 18 x 3W MuiTriCell LED devices to produce a uniform, fringe free colour output. Using 4 channel DMX control, it also offers 19 preset colours and 17 chase patterns for stand alone operation.
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