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Exporting to China - Coemar against the trend

Trade between Italy and China is a hot topic these days: some analysts see China's quickly expanding economy as a threat to western markets. Acting against current trends, Coemar exports products manufactured entirely in Italy, such as the Flex and iSpot 1200 ranges which have opened the Chinese market for the Castelgoffredo firm. Working with a very experienced, dynamic and enterprising local distributor and coming up with the right mix of innovative technology, manufacturing quality, reliability and market positioning, Coemar manage to compete on the Chinese market.
At the Calm Expo 2005 the Flex range achieved great success. The Quian Shou Guan Yin in Guangzhou uses uses Super Cyc 2.4, iSpot Flex, and iSpot 575 EB. The Guangzhou Festival of Culture works with iSpot 1200 and iProfile Flex. These events virtually unknown to the western public are a major showcase for an audience of 1.3 billion Chinese.
Culture Department Party of Guangzhou
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