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Cast Software's team welcomes Joshua Koffman

Cast Software has hired Joshua Koffman, formerly of Spectrum Manufacturing Inc., to join their marketing department in the role of Assistant Product Manager. Koffman will focus primarily on the continual development of WYSIWYG, Cast's flagship lighting design software. I'm thrilled to be joining Cast's team, and hope to encourage users to share their thoughts and ideas, says Koffman. "It's an exciting place to be with the recent launch of Vivien and the ongoing development of WYSIWYG. I believe my lighting expertise will only complement Cast's innovative approach to creating software for the entertainment industry."
"Josh brings unique expertise and a new perspective that will enable us to improve our software offerings," says Ben Sanford, Director of Marketing for Cast. "We have a diverse group of industry professionals on our product management team which allows us to produce a powerful product for our end users."
Koffman began his career with entrepreneurial integrity as owner and head designer of Three Minutes to Midnite Productions based in Winnipeg, Canada. He further developed his skills by joining Thornapple Productions in Columbus, Ohio, where he worked as Head Lighting Designer. Word got out that Koffman was in town and it was't long before he extended his services to work as Head Repair Technician for Schell Scenic Studio. Koffman's passion for theatrical production is perpetual as he continues to support and contribute to a variety of projects including concerts, festivals and a variety of cultural events.
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