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Kristian Kolding enters the Beacon Board of Directors

Kristian Kolding, former President/CEO of Martin Professional, has entered the Board of Directors at Swedish gobo manufacturer Beacon AB. Martin Professional and Beacon already in 2001 entered a strategic partnership, whereas Martin purchased 25 % of the share capital to ensure future supply of quality gobos. Subsequently, Beacon has become Martin's most important supplier of standard gobos and it's preferred partner for custom gobos.
"I'm excited to join the Beacon board," says Kristian Kolding. "Beacon is - based on their own patented technology - one of the world leaders in this very specialized industry and I look forward to help continuing the positive trend."
Kristian Kolding held the CEO post of Martin Professional from 1998 to 2004, a six-year period in which he saw a dramatic growth in the company, more than doubling its size. Today Martin Professional is positioned as the world's leading supplier of intelligent lighting equipment to the entertainment industry. Under Kristian's directorship, the company has also realized the emergence of a flourishing architechtural lighting division.
"We are of course thrilled to share Kristians extensive experience of board work, and feel assured that this will strengthen the future strategy and possibilities, says Michael Tannemyr," founder and CEO of Beacon.
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